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Useful Ideas On Choosing Vital Issues For Bags
17.03.2017 04:23

in Trenton. TRENTONIAN FILE PHOTO By David Foster , The Trentonian Posted: # Comments Schools will have a chance to win a recycled playground (like the one pictured here) by sending TerraCycle their dental waste, such as toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers and toothbrushes. COURTESY OF TERRACYCLE TRENTON >> TerraCycle, the citys recycle-everything company, is challenging schools to send them their dental waste for a chance to win a playground. Of course in true TerraCycle fashion the playground will also be made from recycled oral waste products. For the 2017 Recycled Playground Challenge, TerraCycle is teaming up once again with Colgate and ShopRite for the fourth consecutive year. The recycling battle starts this Sunday, March 12 and ends June 30, 2017. Participating schools will receive one (1) Playground Credit for each unit, defined as 0.02 pounds, of discarded toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers and toothbrushes sent to TerraCycle. Credits can also be earned by community members voting for schools online at terracycle.com/colgateshopriteplayground2017 . With the recycling program, Colgate enables their consumers to divert waste from landfills, engage their communities and be rewarded for their effort, explained Tom Szaky, TerraCycle Founder and CEO. The Recycled Playground Challenge promotes the program and creates awareness, allowing us to reach more people and make a greater difference in the environment. Schools in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland will be eligible to compete for the recycled playground by signing up for the Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program, which is free, at terracycle.com/en-US/brigades/colgate . Last year, the first prize was kept in state.

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Ismail Issack, father of Miski Shalle, 11, and Muzamil Shalle, 14, embraces his children at JFK airport "President Trump's latest executive order is a Muslim ban by another name, imposing policies and protocols that once again violate the Equal Protection Clause and Establishment Clause of the United State Constitution," said New York Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman after announcing his legal challenge. A 'Trump slump' for tourism? Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who was the first to sue over the original ban, said he would ask a federal judge to rule that the temporary restraining order halting the first travel ban "remains in effect". "We're asserting that the president cannot unilaterally declare himself free of the court's restraining order and injunction," he said. Though the White House has faced mounting criticism over its immigration orders, Trump supporters say the president is fulfilling his campaign promises to protect Americans. Media caption'We trust President Trump on travel ban' What is different about the new order? Citizens of Iran, กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, the other six countries on the original 27 January order, will once more be subject to a 90-day travel ban. Iraq has been taken off the banned list because its government has boosted visa screening and data sharing, White House officials said. The new directive says refugees already approved by the State Department can enter the US. It also lifts an indefinite ban on all Syrian refugees.

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