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05.01.2017 14:01

The clothes are actually charming, not just the gift shop cute common to socially beneficial fashion. There are simple trenches with embroidered epaulettes, sophisticated cocktail dresses with embroidered edges, and even long white wedding gowns with massive golden embroidered neck pieces. Theres already plenty of craft embroidery, says Givon. We wanted to create something new together. Fusing simple modern silhouettes with elegant, traditional embroidery, theyve already found a market in Israel, Europe, and the United States. Prospective customers can also arrange to visit the workshop, and the clothes are also sold through the Two Neighbours website, and partner websites like Birdsong London (which distributes fashion ethically made by women). Before Givon started working with Two Neighbors three years ago, she had few interactions with Palestinians. But when she first met with the embroiderers from the south Hebron hills, she was surprised by how familiar they felt. My grandmother, who is from Yemen, speaks Arabic and used to do embroidery for Muslim women, says Givon. If youre a Jew, youre not supposed to recognize an Arab identity, but I felt a very strong connection to these women. While there has been a positive response to this project, it is not without controversy and pushback. As a result, Two Neighbours no longer posts pictures of the embroiderers or even discloses their specific location in the West Bank. Resentment here on both sides runs deep.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://shopping.yahoo.com/news/two-neighbors-brings-together-palestinian-143202375.html

The Overland Trail Museum’s Step Back in Time: 1956 program ends with a bang, as the participants open their party poppers and museum assistant Perry An average home price was $22,000 then, versus $320,000 today. A new Ford car would cost $1,748 to $3,151 60 years ago, and $36,000 now. Milk prices have increased from $.97 to $3.98; gas from $.23 to $2.49; and bread from $.18 to $1.98. In 1956, a postage stamp was 3 cents; today it is 47 cents. The cost of a dozen eggs tripled, from $.45 to $1.33, but coffee has increased over 10 times, from $.69 per pound to $7.94. But the average income has also gone up, from about $4,700 per year to $47,000 annually now. Top TV shows of that year included "I Love Lucy," "Catain Kangaroo," "The Mickey Mouse Club," "Howdy Doody," Gunsmoke" and "The Roy Rogers Show." Game shows were also popular, and the first episode of "The Price Is Right" aired that year. "This Is Your Life," another popular show of the '50s, was created and hosted by Ralph Edwards, a Merino native who also developed other game shows. Emily Singer reads "101 Dalmations" to the participants at the Step Back in Time: 1956 program at the Overland Trail Museum Saturday. (Sara Waite / Sterling Journal-Advocate) Featured on the silver screen and on Broadway were "The Great Ziegfeld," "The King and I," "Around the World in 80 Days" and "My Fair Lady." Rock 'n roll music had only recently become mainstream, and the children got to play a version of another game show of the '50s, "Name that Tune," to identify some of the top songs of the year: "Heartbreak Hotel," "Que Sera, Sera," "Roll Over Beethoven," "16 Tons," "Hound Dog," "The Great Pretender," "Blue Suede Shoes," and "I Walk the Line." They also got to play a version of "The Price Is Right," guessing prices of '50s era artifacts from the museum's collection in a Showcase Showdown.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.journal-advocate.com/sterling-local_news/ci_30699690/program-takes-kids-back-1956?source=rss

Mostly they need to be ordered according to your fashion and size requirements. A well-fitted, body-hugging mermaid gown really complements women with an hourglass figure. Of course, there isn't just one style or code that is followed. Their website is equally great and features some of the best dress designers around. You've just received an invitation to a cocktail party. Feminine suits are classy, elegant, and feminine in every way. Shades of mauve, lavender, violet and maroon are soothing tones that blend well in gowns. If you're looking for ideas on beautiful dresses for the evening keep reading. So, dark colons such as black, navy blue, maroon, etc., can certainly suffice for this purpose.

The longtime anchor started off by saying, After more than a dozen years at Fox News, I decided to pursue a new challenge. Megyn said it was a difficult decision because she loved the show, her fellow Fox employees, and the people who tune in every night, adding, even those who very rarely complain on Twitter about our coverage after a show or a presidential debate. Megyn will be joining the NBC News team, where she will host a daytime showand a Sunday-night newsmagazine show, and contribute tothe coverage of major political events. The Kelly File host said that she is looking forward to working at NBC, while showing love for the network that has been her home for over a decade, saying, I am deeply thankful to Fox News for the wonderful 12 years I have had here. I have grown up here, and have been given every chance a young reporter could ask for. The Kelly File airs weeknights at 9 p.m. on Fox News. Watch:Megyn Kelly Says Its Been a Dark Year Addressing Trump Attacks: Tell us what you think! Hit us up on Twitter , Facebook , or Instagram or leave your comments below. And check out our host, Cynthia LuCiette, on Twitter , Facebook , or Instagram . Reblog


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